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Simone Muller



Simone was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to the UK to study dance. While she was at the Royal Ballet School she was introduced to Pilates, and in overcoming a back injury learned first hand about the benefits of Pilates. She danced with Northern Ballet Theatre and then returned to South Africa and danced as a soloist with Cape Town City Ballet, Free Flight Dance Company and Cape Dance Company.


During that time she trained in Pilates mat work and Equipment and taught at a popular studio in Cape Town. Simone relocated with her husband to London in 2012 and has been teaching Pilates at many studios in Central London, whilst continuing to perform as a contemporary dancer. She is a certified Body Control Pilates instructor and has a BA Honours in Psychology.


Whilst Simone’s many years of dance experience has given her a sound understanding of body mechanics, she continues to expand her knowledge by taking regular workshops with leading Pilates authorities. She enjoys helping clients overcome injuries and working on imbalances that can lead to pain and faulty body mechanics. After completing Pre and Post-Natal training, and then giving birth to her son Zachary, Simone is excited to be helping mums to get stability back to their bodies after the journey of childbirth.




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